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Mozillero desde hace 11 años Jul 2009
Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
23:07 America/Sao_Paulo
IRC : mlcaraldi

Marcelo Luis Comin Araldi

Localizações, palestras, orientações à novos membros da comunidade


Mozilla contributor since 2009, survived all the Mozilla Brasil nervous breakdowns until today. In the beginning I used to organize events and talk about Firefox and Mozilla's mission. Today my contribution is focused on L10N.

Just ping me if you need something translated to pt-BR :)


communications, mozilla brasil, people, sf-monument, sumo, webmaker, localization, portuguese, l10n:br, volunteers




Inglés, Portugués de brasil

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Recomendado por

  • Jean Collings

    For the great help on translating in-product communications (snippets)!

  • Edivania Dias

    is a complete Mozillian... has extensive knowledge and experience in many projects of Mozilla, such as Webmaker, L10N, Support Mozilla and so many others.

    It is an exceptional leader, pioneer and maintainer of MozillaBR community, besides being a great speaker, communicator and organizer of events. The super friendly Marcelo does a fantastic job and contributes magnificently with the Mozilla projects and community growth.

  • Luciana Viana

    Fantastic Brazilian Mozillian!

  • Rodrigo Silva

    collaborated extensively with the community

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