Perfil en Mozillian
Mozillero desde hace 7 años Nov 2013
IRC : brunovilar

Bruno S. C. M. Vilar


b2g, coding, sf-monument, support, webapps


html, java, javascript, semantic web, web standards, writing

Recomendado por

  • Luciana Viana

    Great Brazilian Mozillian

  • Andre Garzia

    Offers support on IRC and lists, helps organize events and more.

  • Ricardo Luis Zanetti Panaggio

    Bruno Vilar is an active contributor in several different areas.

    He helps a lot in support for Firefox OS App development, offering support on Mozilla Brasil channels like IRC and mailing list and on support forums.

    He's spreading the word about Firefox OS on the web and on events. His presence on events like FISL15 was really important.

    He's also responsible for the welcoming of several new contributors, which made the difference in many cases between just showing up and sticking to it

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