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Founder @connectindia, Founder @indusyouniverse, Content Architect. Author. Blogger. Keynote Speaker. #Motivator, #SocialMedia Influencer.

Local Coach, Take Back The Web (TBTW)

Regional Coordinator, Mozilla Campus Campaign

Contributor, Mozilla bn l10n

Contributor, Mozilla e10s

Member, Mozilla India PR & Branding Team

Contributor, Dino Tank Design Thinking Sprint (Connecting Rural Women Movement)

Contributor, Mozilla Activate Community





Recomendado por

  • Deepak Upendra

    I have seen Subhasis doing really great work in spreading the word about Open Web, especially in rural areas with his several initiatives which were directly focused on getting the non-connected people online. He has also been doing amazing work in the L10n field, which further plays a part of the important role of making people read stuff in their local language. Since I met Subhasis in Mozilla India Meetup 2016, I have been in awe of the kind of Subhasis is doing! Happy to vouch for him!

  • Dietrich Ayala

    I met Subhasis at the Pune meetup in 2016, where he joined in the activities and trainings with enthusiasm and was super friendly and great to work with. I look forward to joining him for a talk or event in Kolkata in the future.

  • Biraj Karmakar

    Subhasis is an active mozillian from Mozilla Kolkata. He organized two events Mozilla Hindi browser Campaign in Don Bosco, Liluah and Mozilla Privacy campaign in Inspiria Knowledge Campus. Also he helps in engaging people in Mozilla Kolkata Community.

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