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Hanna de Luna


An open and free Web is mandatory and of extreme importance. I am a professional translator in love with the Mozilla Project and contribute in Mozilla Hispano since the beginning of 2012.

In Mozilla Hispano (MH) I am a core member, a mentor and work mainly in the L10n area:

  • MH L10n Area Coordinator

  • MH L10n coordinator in Firefox & You, Mozilla's official newsletter

  • MH L10n coordinator in Apps & Hacks, Mozilla's official newsletter for developers

  • former MH L10n coordinator from Mozilla's blog The Den

  • team of L10n proof level for new contributors

  • team of reviewers and L10n QA

  • team of localizers

Mozilla Hispano profile:


difusion, localization, mentor, mozilla hispano, sf-monument


localization, project management, translation, writing


Catalán, Alemán, Inglés, Español, Francés

Recomendado por

  • Jusaí Prieto

    Core Member en Mozilla Hispano, coordina el L10n Team y es Mentor. Traduce Firefox y tú, la Guarida y otros contenidos al español.

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