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Wissam Imad Alazzam

Mozilla rep


wissam alazzam , a Mozilla representative Mentor ,software engineer and web developer , form Jordan irbid , passionate about the web and technology .


arabic mozilla, fsa, localization, sf-monument, web development, repsmozfest2014, mozilla guides, mozilla jordan meetup #1


arduino, css3, html5, java, javascript, joomla, sql, user experience design


Arabic, English

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Vouched By

  • Manel Rhaiem

    Wissam is one of the Arabic team of Webmaker Project and Appmaker Project

  • Ahmed Nefzaoui

    Wissan has been always an active Mozilla contributor and Representative, he has contributed to various functional arias since he joined. Best known for his localization efforts (Arabic) and recruiting new mozillians in each new event he plans for in his country, Jordan. Also a key member for Mozilla Jordan.

  • Majda Nafissa Rahal

    Wissam is one of the most active Mozilla reps in Jordan. He is doing an outstanding work in Webmaker (mostly translation to Arabic). He also organized a lot of successful university events in Jordan. Look him up here:

  • Rami Khader

    Wissam is one of the main contributors to localize the Web Maker into Arabic and bring it to our region. He started to contribute one year ago and he is already a Mozilla Reps


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