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Mozillian for 10 years Jan 2008
Massachusetts, United States
IRC : willkg

William Kahn-Greene

SUMO/Input, webdev


I've done web development on and off since the late 90s. I've used a variety of browsers over the years, but preferred Netscape (except Netscape 6--that was rough) and then Firefox.

In 2008, I wrote enclosure-display code in RSS preview, added support for associating audio and video podcasts with different applications.

Now I'm part of the SUMO/Input engineering team. I maintained ElasticUtils until I ended that project. I help with a variety of other libraries we use at Mozilla like tower, django-browserid, dennis, jingo and friends, standup, ernest ...

I'm an honorary James. I was given the award at a super sekret ceremony on a mountain top next to a spruce tree. With a bird.

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