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Mozillian for 7 years Aug 2013
Secunderabad, Telangana, India
00:07 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : umkdikshit


Develop,Test,Spread Awareness,Improve Mozilla OS,Security


A Under Graduate, Tech Enthusiast, loved to Explore Latest Technical stuff.Developing applications for the Firefox Operating System.Love to participate and learn New Technologies going to Technical Conferences,meets.Passionate towards Hacking and learning new languages and building apps.


thunderbird, add-ons, apps, localization, mozilla india, open badges, firefox student ambassadors, webmaker, web development, thimble, sumo, firefox, india, mdn, privacy, bugzilla, networking, l10n:te, coding, boot2gecko, creative, popcorn.js, mozspeakers, techspeakers


a bit of python, active public speaker, ado, blogging, c and c++, c hash, cloud computing, community builder, computer hacking skills, cyber security, desktop application developer, ethical hacker, html, html5, j2me, java, microsoft .net, microsoft certified, microsoft sql server, microsoft visual studio, mobile application development, mysql, pentest, pentesting, pentesting and security stuff, php, privacy, privacy and data security, private cloud computing, programmer and a nerd, public speaker, public speaking, ruby, sql, system administration, xml, xml schema, xslt


English, Hindi, Telugu


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Vouched By

  • Pedy Reddy Sai Charan Reddy

    Kalyan Dikshit as individual and group has been active in coordinating and volunteering in FSA and Maker Party event at my local community. He played a key role in making social media prints on social platforms and blogs which made an impact in the community. I would love to vouch Kalyan Dikshit.

  • Santosh Viswanatham

    Kalyan Dikshit is a White Hat Hacker,Networking Specialist and Security Expert. Dikshit believes in "Open and Secure Web" and Mozilla is the only Organization which works to move this forward.He joined Mozilla Community because of his "Freedom to Explore New Things" and also to contribute to the things he is passionate about. He presently contributes to Localization in telugu, Quality Assurance,Testing, Security and Privacy Related projects,Firefox OS and its App Development.


    Dikshit is well known member in Mozilla Hyderabad where he took part in Organizing and also helped in Many technical events. He always strive to work on Security and Privacy related concerns. He has also helped in many Webmaker parties.

    I'm happy to vouch Dikshit for his contributions.

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