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Towkir Ahmed

Cares for Firefox Devtools


Hi, I am Towkir Ahmed, an enthusiastic contributor to various open source projects. I like to play with JavaScript and Python and I believe in openness of knowledge, privacy on the internet and security everywhere. I try to do what I love, and I love simple, clean and creative things. And I love coffee and noodles too, especially if they are really tasty.

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javascript, qa, python, sf-monument


javascript, python


Bengali, English

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Vouched By

  • Jan Odvarko

    I mentored Towkir on bug He is keen to contribute to DevTools and it's nice to work with him.

  • Jared Wein

    I mentored Towkir on Towkir is very enthusiastic and it is easy to see that Towkir really wants to help the Mozilla project in any way possible. Thanks for your help!

  • Mike Hoye

    Twokir has been an enthusiastic contributor to a variety of Mozilla projects including FirefoxOS, and Bugzilla.

  • Md. Anisur Rahman

    Towkir is a very enthusiast contributor. He has been working with us in Bangladesh. He is a Firefox OS app developer as well. I am proud to have such contributor beside me :)


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