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Mozillian for 7 years Feb 2013
09:01 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : Towkir

Towkir Ahmed

Cares for Firefox Devtools


Hi, I am Towkir Ahmed, an enthusiastic contributor to various open source projects. I like to play with JavaScript and Python and I believe in openness of knowledge, privacy on the internet and security everywhere. I try to do what I love, and I love simple, clean and creative things.

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javascript, qa, python, sf-monument


javascript, python


Bangla, English

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Vouched By

  • Jan Odvarko

    I mentored Towkir on Bug 1313486. He is keen to contribute to DevTools and it's nice to work with him.

  • Jared Wein

    I mentored Towkir on Bug 1278992. Towkir is very enthusiastic and it is easy to see that Towkir really wants to help the Mozilla project in any way possible. Thanks for your help!

  • Mike Hoye

    Towkir has been an enthusiastic contributor to a variety of Mozilla projects including FirefoxOS, and Bugzilla.

  • Md. Anisur Rahman

    Towkir is a very enthusiast contributor. He has been working with us in Bangladesh. He is a Firefox OS app developer as well. I am proud to have such contributor beside me :)


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