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Tim Murray

Creative Director


I lead a team of art directors, designers, writers, videographers, and others in shaping the experience the Mozilla and Firefox brands deliver to the world. A brand culturist, I believe that design, creativity, and storytelling are the keys to building and deepening relationships between people and brands. Our brands should look, sound, and perform like no other.

My work history includes productive years spent at Goodwill, Target, Smith & Hawken, and The Sharper Image, as well as time running a small creative shop in San Francisco, where I live with my husband of 21 years and our son, who is five. When I am not working or parenting, I am at play (running, biking); writing, gardening, and cooking; and spending an inordinate amount of time pondering my purpose on this planet.


marketing, creative


brand development, brand strategist, community engagement, copywritting, creative design process, editing, marketing strategy, product marketing, social media content, team leadership



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