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Harsh Jha

Contributed to "Titanic" -


Computer Science Graduate Student at University of Minnesota. Opportunist, Python enthusiast and blogger at Harsh Tech Talk (

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automation, c++, machine learning, python, ruby


English, Hindi


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Vouched By

  • Joel Maher

    I have seen Harsh pick up a variety of bugs in different areas. He is responsive and is starting to get into more difficult bugs. He should focus on a project or two for a while to make the most of his contribution efforts now that he has a bit of experience in a variety of projects.

  • Gautam Akiwate

    Harsh has worked on the Titanic project, an A-Team project that is used to bisect and backfill tests. In addition to this he also contributed to a few other A-Team projects.

    He has worked on getting the backend for the WebUI better in addition to refactoring code.

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