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Cochin, Kerala, India
20:02 Asia/Kolkata


ശ്യാം കുമാർ

Vouched By

  • Rigin Oommen

    Syam is an aspiring community leader in mozilla community. For the new contributors in the mozilla community i really suggest syam as a mentor for them. He is very passionate about the mozilla project.

    I feel that syam's contribution aligns with the mission & Vision of the Mozilla Project.

  • Geraldo Barros

    Syam is an awesome volunteer at the Firefox Social Support team, he is part of our team and guarantees Firefox support on Twitter. :D

  • Sierra Reed

    Syam is a fantastic addition to the Mozillian community. He has taken a strong lead in providing Social Support to Firefox users. He's reliable, approachable, and maintains a positive attitude. It's always a pleasure to liaise with him on how we can grow our community.

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