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Hrishikesh K B

I contribute in Indic language computing related fields


  • GNU/Linux Enthusiast
  • Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Avid Reader
  • Day Dreamer
  • Caffeine junkie
  • Location: In a galaxy far, far away...
  • Gender: Hacktivist
  • Birthday: November 11 (Feel free to send me Birthday presents)
  • Sexuality: Sapiosexual


activists, a-team, malayalam-l10n-team, pootle


event management, event planning, gnu-linux, indic language computing, java, javascript, language computing, mediawiki, php, public speaking, python


English, Hindi, Malayalam, Sanskrit

External Accounts

Vouched By

  • Akshay S Dinesh

    Hrishi (stultus) inspires me, not just in Mozilla, but in FOSS and in life as well.

    • He's a strong advocate of net neutrality, Internet freedom, and related topics and is a prominent figure in Kerala influencing the masses.
    • He's a huge force in Malayalam localization projects.
    • He's an active contributor to various other free software projects and activities.
    • He's an avid reader and working with him is a delight.
  • Anivar A Aravind
    • Hrishi is an Active Contributor and in Malayalam L10n and Indian language i18n features development.

    • He was part of leadership team of Firefox Malayalam Review meetup

    • He was an active participant in Indic FirefoxOS L10n Sprint 2014 and Indic Hackathon in 2015

  • Axel Hecht

    Hrishi is localizing Firefox in Malayalam.


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