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Mozillian for 7 years Jun 2012

Ryan Ermita

Blog, Webmaker, Fsa, Firefox OS


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Vouched By

  • Joshua Rubin

    One of the awesome Mozilla Reps from the Philippines. His effort for the Maker Party campaigns made a huge impact not just locally also globally. He is a very dedicated Mozillian that uses his free time to conduct events and campaigns for the education team.

  • Marcus Ang

    I met Ryan way way back in 2012 while we were still Mozilla Student Representatives back in the time. He was active on SuMo and is currently an active Webmaker Mentor. He keeps on rocking the developer scene with Firefox OS here in the Philippines and is mentoring and giving numerous talks on MozTours about Firefox OS and Firefox Developer Tools. He is without a doubt, one of the people that will spread the influence and inspire others within the Mozilla Philippines Community.

  • Joell Lapitan

    Mozilla Rep in the Philippines and he is one of the leads for Education Team of Mozilla PH

  • Faye Tandog

    From a proactive FSA to an awesome Rep. Contributes to MozPH dev team and Webmaker.

  • Robert Reyes

    Awesome Mozilla Rep from the Philippines. Resident dev and Webmaker advocate.


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