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Mozillian for 6 years Nov 2014
16:45 Asia/Kathmandu
IRC : roshangm

Roshan Gautam

Localization, Regional Coordinators at Mozilla Clubs


An open source lover. Loves to contribute in open source products.

Active volunteer at FOSS Nepal and Mozilla Nepal. Currently studying Bachelor in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc.CSIT).

Currently volunteering as a Regional Coordinator for Mozilla Clubs.

Helped Organize Nepali Locale Localization: Mozilla Nepal L10n Meetup

Organized MozActivate Event MozActivate WebExtensions

My contribution story


firefox, qa


.css3 html javascript, .ruby on rails, android, css, localisation in nepali, localization, react


English, Nepali

Vouched By

  • Surit Aryal

    He is a great mozillian. He has been working as Regional Coordinator. In the local community he visits campuses to spread the word about mozilla and open source. He has also worked as a localizer in the community.

    Keep the good work up Roshan

  • Avash Mulmi

    Roshan has been active in the Nepalese community for a long time. Previously as a volunteer, Student ambassador and now as Regional Coordinator. Currently he is working on mobilizing the campus clubs and hase been visiting different colleges giving orientation and forming Mozilla Campus Clubs. Also, he is active and one of the top contributers in in localization of various Mozilla products in Nepali language.

  • Nootan Ghimire

    He is a hardworking Mozillian who has helped us organize many events. He is also a Regional Ambassador Lead and has been working on Localization, FSA, and Campus Campaign.

    I think he will make a great Mozillian!


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