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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
11:34 Asia/Kolkata

Raj Kiran Gade


Bringing up DevOps tooling into infrastructure life-cycle, drive containerization and thereby, automation. Major focus towards microservices through containerization with Docker Datacenter, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Linuxkit. Implemented Docker Datacenter ( on-premise and Azure ) and Universal Control Plane for organization wide usage. Worked and understand several DevOps tools in the area of configuration management, containerization, monitoring, logging and microservices. Exploring opportunities around integrating open source technologies to bring up custom solutions.

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  • Speaker and organiser at fosscafe ( )

  • Speaker and co-organizer at rustox ( )


systems administration, security, building security, security group, rust

Vouched By

  • Jyotsna Gupta

    Raj Kiran is an active and enthusiastic Mozillian. He is an Open Source Enthusiast, and he spends most of his time with Mozilla. He has contributed towards Rust through CLI tools and re-writing other agents into Rust and also towards rust version of open source components like runc(oracle railcar project in Rust). He is the organizer of Fosscafe and co-organizer of Rust Bangalore. Happy to vouch for him, hope to see more from him in the future.

  • Henrik Mitsch

    Raj reached out on #participationsystems because we deleted his profile twice because it was picked up by our spam filter. I am deeply sorry about this and vouch for him because he had the persistence to come back three times and register a Mozillians profile.

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