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Rigin Oommen


I am a web lover dreams the web should be open and safe


affiliates, aoa, app development, army of awesome, boot2gecko, firefox student ambassadors, hackathons, india, kerala, l10n:translation, localization, mozilla firefox browser, mozilla kerala, mozillian, sf-monument, spreading, support, webmaker, mozilla_kerala, sumo, web dev, firefox os launch team kerala, asia, firefoxos, mozilla @ school, mozilla geolocation, social contributors, amo, amo editors, app reviewers


.net, c, css3, html5, java, javascript, jquery


English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

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  • Abin Abraham

    I know Rigin for the past 2 years. He is the one of the active member in the Mozilla Kerala Community. He Contributes to the Firefox OS, SuMo, AoA,, Localization, Marketplace, Location Services and a long list too. He is involved with the organizing of the Mozilla Events in the Community.

    His contribution to Mozilla is a long list

    Recently he was selected as the Mozilla's Contributor of the Month.

  • Kumaresan.C.S

    I have known Rigin as an active Mozillian who has done a great job in evangelizing for Mozilla. He has participated and organized several events,also App developer for FFOS,do localization and has also contributed immensely towards the geolocation project .....

  • Abid Aboobaker

    Actively contributing to FFOS development. Community member in Kerala. Owner of a BIG heart(and a body too)! :p

  • Midhun Manoj

    App developer for FFOS. Does localization and has also contributed immensely towards the geolocation project.


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