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Razoana Sultana


Hi, me :Razoana,studying at computer science and engineering department in southeast university,Bangladesh.

I am open web lover, love the mission of Mozilla corporation and I am Mozillian.I Started my journey at Mozilla as a QA contributor.

I am interested in both web and traditional advertising, promotions, events, and campaigns.I never try to impose my ideas on others. Instead, I spend a lot of time understanding the theme and the audience before suggesting ideas. I can (and often do) work well alone, but I’m at my best collaborating with others.

Currently , I have organized event about Mozilla Mission ,want organize many more events for Mozilla.As a Mozillian i want to do different types of contribution in the future.

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  • Zobayer Ahmed Khan

    Razoana Sultana is an awesome QA contributor. Spreading Mozilla Mission in her campus and organize Mozilla Awareness Event. I am happy to vouch her.

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