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Ranodeep Saha

MozDay Kolkata 2014


Hello I am Ranodeep. Open Source Enthusiast. Mozilla RAL for India.

My contribution story


army of awesome


.css3, a bit of html, a bit of java, user research


Bangla, English, Hindi


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  • Unknown Voucher

    Ranodeep is an active and well known mozillian from mozilla-India. Here is the link of his awesome contribution :

  • Ayan Choudhury

    Ranodeep is a very enthusiastic mozillian from Mozilla Kolkata Community. I would like to vouch him as he has shown promises in his works towards Mozilla. Starting from L10n and Webmaker he has also organized many events in his own college and has always tried to spread the Mozilla Mission among his classmates. I hope he will keep up this good work in future also. His Contribution List -

    Cheers and Keep Up the good work!

  • Shahid Ali Farooqui

    Ranodeep is doing a great job in community. I recently did coupe of events (Hive Kgp and Mozsetup at NITMAS) with Ranodeep and came to know about his skills. He also hosted a productive event in Agartala. Agartala event is an effort to start community in north state region of our country.

  • Umesh Agarwal

    A good learner as well as a good teacher. He did great work at Hive Kgp last year and is doing good work at Mozilla L10N. Blog : So he is good to get vouched!

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