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California, United States
15:14 US/Pacific
IRC : rkaranj

Rabimba Karanjai

Researcher Mozilla Mixed Reality Team


Full Time Graduate Researcher, part time hacker and FOSS enthusiast.

I work with Mozilla Research Mixed Reality team to make WebXR run faster.

I used to write code for Watson and do a bunch of other things at their lab (mostly deals with algorithm,NLP, Ontologies,reading papers, procrastinating and lamenting about how little I know, among other stuff).

Also a PhD student at Rice University

A rolling profile

I am also a Mozilla Pilot Tech Evangelist (but that's a different story).

Teams I work with:

  • Security (MIG)
  • Fennec (Chota fennec)
  • MozVR (A-Frame)
  • Connected Devices

My present interest deviates towards security. Primarily static analysis and marginally towards systems.

Future Talks

  • GraceHopper 2018
  • ACM Richard Tapia 2018

Last few conference talks (in no particular order)


Visit me at

Speaking Interest: Security (Model Checking, Proof carrying Code) - JavaScript - Cross Platform Mobile Application Development using openwebapp(fxOS app making) - Improving FOSS involvement by code contribution (using Bugzilla, Jenkins) - NLP and it's usage to make Cortana/Siri/Google Now in Openwebapp, Improving Keyboard word prediction using JavaScript on low power devices

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apps, automation, firefox, firefoxos, mozdev, sf-monument, sumo, mozspeakers, security, army of awesome, techspeakers


Bangla, English, Hindi


Vouched By

  • Ali Spivak

    Rabimba is a trained Mozilla Tech speaker and VR expert. He also has contributed to MDN.

  • Jeff Beatty

    Rabimba was one of the first people to get involved with translation quality testing for Firefox OS 2.1. I look forward to seeing more of his involvement within l10n after his great work here.

  • Andrew Williamson

    Rabimba has developed a number of apps for FirefoxOS, and other Firefox platforms, including [math-racer] (, [memory-blocks] (, and [vtranslator] (

  • Frédéric Harper

    Rabimba is a Jack of all trade as a Mozillian: he reported, and helped fix some bug by using Bugzilla (one example), created many Firefox OS applications, and contribute to help update some documentation on MDN. He is helping where he see a need no matter where, and it's amazing like this! Thanks for your help with the Open Web!

  • Janet Swisher

    Rabimba actively contributes on MDN as well as developing quite a few apps and contributing to bugs in the Marketplace and app-related APIs.

  • Sumantro Mukherjee

    Rabimba is an active codebase and marketplace contributor.His contributions range from articles in MDN to Building apps for marketplace and getting featured !! Here are the glimpse of his awesomeness : Marketplace Contributions[] One of the Featured App [] Bug Hunter [] MDN [] Awesome,Keep up


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