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Mozillian for 7 years Apr 2013
Nashik, Maharashtra, India
03:24 Asia/Kolkata

Priya Thakre

Event Organizer,Students Ambassador, L10n


firefox student ambassadors, india, sf-monument, web development, open badges, webmaker, firefox, sumo, javascript, asia, python, l10n:translation, mozilla india, army of awesome, famous photo star, firefoxos

Skills, c, c sharp, cpp, css, event organizer, html, java, javascript, php, sql, webdeveloper

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Vouched By

  • Mehul Patel

    Priya is a very active WoMoz contributing to Hindi, Marathi L10n and webmaker projects. She is also been very important part of newly initiated event called MozSummmer FSA Camp.

    She is a very active volunteer of Mozilla Nashik. Happily vouch Priya!

  • Vishal Chavan

    Priya is a very active volunteer of Mozilla Nashik. She has organized and been a part of many amazing events and workshops. She has been there since the start of the community.

    She contributes to many areas such as Hindi and Marathi L10N, Community Building and outreach. Most notably, she has been organizing and participating in initiatives to spread web awareness in remote villages.

  • Mayur Sharad Patil

    Priya is a founder member of the Nashik Mozilla Community. She is a very active WOMOZ contributing to the Hindi L10n and webmaker project. She is also a good speaker . She was also a part of the FirefoxOS Mobilizers contribution challenge.


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