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Matej Priteržnik


Graphic designer, programmer, electronics, computer science and mobile technology. Love to work with open minded people and I'm always looking for challenges that makes me running. In addition to work and study I always look for new challenges. I am interested in working abroad, mainly because of the experience, the language itself and to make new friends (no one is alone in this big world). In my spare time I play guitar, draw, play with electronics, be with my friends, make photos and I love cycling (Mountain biking)... I would like to see and make World a better place for me and all the others :)


communications, creative, graphics, legal, localization, mobile, people, recruiting, security, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-toronto, support, systems administration, web development, qa, 2013 summit


admin, android, computer hardware, computer science, computer security, css, drawing, electrical repairs, gimp, graphic design, html5, illustrator, indesign, it, javascript, linux, mobile applications, mobile communications, mobile devices, mobile technology, network optimization, optimization, photoshop, professional services, python, social skills


German, English, Croatian, Slovenian


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