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Praveen Sridhar


I'm a Mechanical Engineering student with a flair for coding. Programming stuff is my passion and my aim is to produce useful software for the engineering and scientific community.


Vouched By

  • shine

    A wonderful volunteer, contributor and mozillian who, though studies Mechanical Engineering, loves robots and open-source. He is a true FLOSS enthusiast. He is a hacker and maker too. He is a great Firefox OS evangelist and can be called the principal evangelist of the Mozilla Kerala community. He has takeen many sessions and talks on Firefox OS on many stages including HTML5/Javascript Developer Conference 2014. He also did a GSoC project on Firefox OS Indic Language Keyboard too.

  • Midhun Manoj

    Heart and Soul of Mozilla Kerala. Hardcore Mozillian. He is an excellent evangelist and has pioneered in leading many Firefox OS Workshops across the locale. He is also doing GSoC in Firefox OS indic language keyboard. Also mentored many contributors. Happy to vouch this awesome soul of our community.

  • Abid Aboobaker

    Evangelist. FirefoxOS Ninja, Strong FOSS advocate, Hacker, Robotics Hacker. Community Builder. Hardcore Aaron Swartz Fan.

    One of my best friend. I am feeling great to vouch who lives for open world. :)

  • jsx

    One of the best Mozillians I've met. A true FOSS lover, developer and evangelist. He is currently doing GSoC in Firefox OS indic language keyboard and is the best person to clear your Firefox OS doubts you can find anywhere in India. He was a speaker on behalf of Mozilla Kerala at HTML5 Dev Conf 2014 ( too.

    He's a vegetarian, but I'm not going to hold that against him :p

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