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Prasanth P

பிரசாந்த் பி

Active QA contributor - Regional Coordinator in Campus Clubs program


Opensource enthusiast • Blogger •. Learner for Life • Tech geek

An active QA contributor. I have participated in many Testing Days and also picked up learning automated Testing mechanisms. Being a Regional coordinator I also actively work with campus clubs ib my region.

I have been working closely with Mozilla TamilNadu community and help others to participate in QA days


Hindi, Tamil


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    Prasanth is one of the amazing contributor who get started as one of the student contributor during Weeks of Contribution 2015 and joined as Firefox Student Ambassador when he joined actively in community, he had very good vision to share the knowledge what he has learned, with his moto he came forward to host Firefox Test days and started guiding people around Tamilnadu.

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