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Pranshu Khanna


Hey there! I'm a Writer, Maker, a Serial Procrastinator, Designer, Geek, Speaker, Grammar-Nazi, Foodie, Open-Source Enthusiast and well, A Bit Of Everything.

I've been involved with the FSA program since a year or so, and have watched it take form into Campus Clubs. I'm constantly involved in IoT projects, Hackathons and Teaching activities in my region and I try to be super active when it comes to contributing to the society and the open-source community.

I love to talk! Hit me up?

Vouched By

  • Md Shahbaz Alam

    Pranshu is a passionate mozillian and a true open source contributor. He loves to contribute to WebVR and Open Design Project. Now he is turning into a mentor, we do need him as a mentor. Happy to vouch for you. Keep up the good work.

  • Rahul Talreja

    Pranshu is a great contributor and super active FSA of his region. He played an important role in recruiting new FSAs and new mozillians during my latest event WOT footprints X6 in Baroda, Gujarat. He also played his best in volunteering at same two day event.

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