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Palo Alto, California, United States
22:28 US/Pacific

Nick Nguyen


Vice President of Product Strategy, Mozilla

As a product strategist for Mozilla, Nick is responsible for leading strategic product initiatives to advance our mission by building great products that help people take control of and explore the full potential of their online lives, while empowering them with technology, know-how and opportunity to advance the Open Web.

Nick is passionate about building mobile product experiences that make people happy. Mostly recently he served as Sr. Director of Mobile Products at Walmart Labs following the acquisition of Tasty Labs, a mobile and social startup he co-founded and where he served as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Products.

At Walmart Labs, he was responsible for launching award-winning Android and iOS apps for Walmart, Sam’s Club and Asda. Prior to this he served as Director of Addons for Mozilla where he was responsible for Firefox ecosystem development and customization features. He has also held a variety of product leadership and software development roles at Yahoo!, Trilogy and Ford Motor Company.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University.

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