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Web Dev., Event coordination, Teaching about web, codes, privacy etc.


Completed Computer Science Engineering at FISAT, Kerala. While studying, started working in Mozilla with Mozilla Kerala since its beginning. Coding is my passion and I love to share my knowledge to everyone. I wish to contribute my skills to this world in every possible ways I can. I give my complete support to OSS. Also love to learn new things. :)


boot2gecko, creative, firefox, fisat firefox club, mozilla kerala, persona, sf-monument, web development, mozilla_kerala


3d modeling, 3ds max, aftereffect, appengine, blender, c, cpp, css, gimp, graphics designing, html, html canvas, java, javascript, latex, nodejs, painting, perl, photoshop, php, premiere pro, programming, python, rails, ruby, web development,


English, Hindi, Malayalam


Vouched By

  • Kumaresan.C.S

    Nikhil John has been a passionate soul of Mozilla Kerala since its inception. He has helped the local community evangelizing in numerous events and helped in bringing lots of contributors to the Mozilla family.Active student Ambassador, Had shown initiative in Webmaker activities.FxOS App Developer and also Web Developer too. I am happy to vouch for him.

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