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Mozillian for 6 years Jan 2014
Sri Lanka
20:58 Asia/Colombo

Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Nifras

Lead MozClub, Host Global Sprint 2015, Project Lead Chemix Moz. Sc


I'm an enthusiastic contributor in open source community. I''m so cool on developing open source projects and so cool to make fantastic events. I am an active contributor of Mozilla Science and Project Lead of an active project in Mozilla Science wing. I am an host of Mozilla Global Sprint 2015 in Jaffna - SriLanka.

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ajax, android, c sharp, c++, css3, html5, java, javascript, json, mongodb, mvc, mysql, php, xml


English, Tamil


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Vouched By

  • Kaitlin Thaney

    Nifras is a strong community lead for Mozilla Science Lab's work (and open science in general) in Sri Lanka. We met Nifras when he proposed his project Chemix, an open source project, for one of our global sprints. ; He also leads the Sri Lanka Mozilla Science Study Group, where they focus on helping researchers learn java.

  • Kengatharaiyer Sarveswaran

    Nifras is very active person who contribute to open source and Open web. He helped me to organize events at department of Computer science, specially helped to host UoJMozillians club. He also did a demo on FirefoxOS development. Further he developed an app for mozilla science ( and leads the project. Nifras hosted a Mozilla Science Sprint at our department successfully. He received an invitation to take part at MozillaFest - UK in November 2015.

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