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Mozillian for 7 years Oct 2013
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
08:34 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : Srushtika_Neelakantam

Srushtika Neelakantam

Tech Speaker | Club Captain | A-Frame


I've been a Mozillian since a couple of years ! It's very inspiring to be associated to such a diverse community.

Although there's still so much more for me to learn and experiment in, I'm currently contributing (or have contributed) to the following:

  • FSA - Firefox Student Ambassador Program
  • Mozilla Clubs - Teach The Web
  • Firefox OS Bus Tour - Local Coordinator
  • Participation in the Mozilla Leadership Summit at Singapore in Jan, 2016
  • Foxfooding program
  • SuMo - Mozilla Support
  • Take Back The Web - Local coach in the Campus Campaign Program
  • Mozilla Tech Speakers program
  • GrowWebVR (MozVR) focus team - Mozilla India
  • Campus Advisory Committee (CAC) member.
  • I'm also a passionate programmer and very much interested in tech activities and news.

    I love speaking and believe whole heartedly that a community is what it's people are. Hence I strongly advocate Diversity and Inclusion in all my sessions when it is a community building event.

    Currently an undergrad student enrolled in Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

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    android, firefox student ambassadors, army of awesome, mozilla india, womoz, techspeakers


    .css3 html5 java javascript, active public speaker, adobe photoshop cs 6, android app developer, blogger, c, c++, java


    English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

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    • Galaxy Kadiyala

      I've known Srushtika for a couple of years now as an enthusiastic person. The energy she gets to the events is amazing. She is part of the Mozilla Bangalore community and started as an FSA with Mozilla. It is with this interested she formed a Firefox club at her college and took over the responsibility of running several club activities promoting Mozilla and it’s objectives. Hope she'll continue in coming years.

    • Kaustav Das Modak

      I've known her for over a year now as a member of the Bangalore community. Good to see her taking up more responsibilities. Hoping Srusthika will make useful contributions in the years ahead.

    • Harsha Vardhan

      Being a passionate mozillian for a long time now, Srushtika has contributed tremendously to support the mission and motto of Mozilla. I personally feel privileged to vouch for Srushtika.

    • Abhiram Ravikumar

      I've known Srushtika personally for over a year. She has come to be an integral part of Mozilla Bangalore community, showing leadership skills at her college level. An active WoMoz member and club lead, Srushtika has designed this teaching kit which has been a great use to the FSA clubs all around the world.

      An amazing photographer and leader in her own right, I'd like to thank Srushtika for her contributions and wish her the best!

    • Jafar Muhammed

      I have known Srushtika since about half a year now and she is a highly creative and enthusiastic little lady. She was a core member of the team that established the MVIT Mozillians club in her campus and just about a year, she is now leading the club. She is a passionate coder and her love for Mozilla made her host a highly successful Maker Party.

      She will be a great addition to our WoMoz project.


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