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Mozillian for 4 years May 2014
00:30 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : Mijanur

Mijanur Rahman Rayhan

Mozilla Reps, Tech Speaker, Security Researcher


I am a Tech Speaker and Reps at Mozilla, where I contribute on Community Mobilizing, Firefox, Webmaker, Security and other Mozilla projects , all in service of keeping the web free and open and weird. Currently I am doing security researching and speaking about the Web, Firefox and Mozilla. I enjoy challenging myself, assessing and breaking into information systems. I love to learn new things, and engage in understanding emerging technologies. I do advocacy and I have volunteered for various international NGOs in Asia and contributing to various FOSS communities. I love the open web, online privacy & security and new technologies around it and believe in the mission to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.


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Bangla, English

Vouched By

  • Wissam Imad Alazzam

    Mijanur is an active mozillian and FSA at Mozilla Bangladesh community ,his work with FSA club he is in was featured at the FSA facebook page .

  • Mohamed Hafez

    Mizanur one of the Active Mozillians in communication and promote Mozilla.

  • Bahy Mohammed

    He is a very active mozillian , spreading mozilla's mission

  • Salman Rahman Desh

    Mijanur Rahman Rayhan is a Mozillian from Sylhet and organized Maker Party, MozIftar and MozCoffee #Foxyeah campaign in Sylhet. He does advocacy and engaging new people to Mozilla in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

  • Belayet Hossain

    Mozillians from Sylhet. Organizer of MozIfter and makerparty at Sylhet. Also participated at bn-BD l10n Sprint at Dhaka.


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