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Mozillian for 8 years Jul 2012
Kampala, Central Region, Uganda
20:43 Africa/Kampala
IRC : Tizla

Micheal Abaho

Mozilla rep contributing to FFOS, Webmaker, Support & Comm Developemen


I am young, energetic and passionate technology enthusiast. S/w engineer by profession, but currently practicing Systems/Networks Administration as work. As an engineer, i've worked on a no of projects some complete and others ongoing both during my time at the university and afterwards. These include:(Mobile apps:Appointment Reminder, Web apps:Trade and Logistics management system,Cargo Tracking system, Firefox OS apps: Epilepsy Control Adviser). Currently interacting with windows servers and networks is what i do best with the time on my hands..


apps, communications, developer documentation, marketing, metrics, mobile, people, program management, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-brussels, systems administration, web development, qa


django, drupal, java, mobile app development, networking, php, project management, software analysis, software quality inspection, software testing, web application development



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