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Mekki MacAulay

I volunteer on the business/strategy side of Mozilla projects


Mekki is an expert in strategic management of technology with a particular focus on free/libre/open source communities. He has provided consulting services to enterprise, government, not-for-profits, small businesses, and startups alike, helping them refine their business models to incorporate open source tools and methods.

Mekki is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), holds undergraduate degrees in computer systems engineering and psychology, and a Master's degree in technology innovation management. He is currently working on a PhD in strategic management at the Schulich School of Business, York University, one of Canada's leading business schools. His research focuses on free and open source communities, OS methods, knowledge transfer, change management, ecosystems, entrepreneurship, value creation and capture, engineering management, the theory of the firm. In particular, his dissertation is examining the Mozilla Foundation and the nature of participation in its projects.

His expertise lies in helping organizations answer the question "How can I make free and open source software and methods work for me?". With more than 10 years of hands-on industry experience, along with research on innovative business models and open collaboration methods, Mekki focuses on helping organizations map out their long-term strategic path to success, however success is measured for them.


business, engineering, funding, management, partnerships, project management, research, strategic planning, strategy


English, French


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