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Mozillian for 4 years Aug 2016
11:31 America/Sao_Paulo
IRC : mchagas

Maykon Chagas



l10n:pt-br, fundraising, localization, mozilla brasil, womoz brasil, l10n:localization, rust, support, qa, security, sumo brasil


gnu linux, identity management, l10n, python, slackware


English, Brazilian portuguese

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Vouched By

  • Geraldo Barros

    Maykon Chagas is an awesome volunteer in the community, he is leading localization team in Mozilla Brasil Community! ;D

  • Zilmar de Souza Junior

    Maykon Chagas recent work in Brazilian community has shown great leading skills and technical knowledge. He is very passionate about Mozilla and it's mission. His work with L10n is great and have shown how good he can lead, support, manage and engage new contributors in new projects. Maykon is a friendly mozillian and to work with him is a great pleasure.

  • Fabio Beneditto

    Maykon Chagas is the most enthusiastic volunteer I've know! He made a LOT of improvements in Pontoon to help in pt_BR l10n, and in SuMo, in a shot period of time, and NO complain was heard :)

  • Unknown Voucher

    Maykon Chagas did a great job recently in Mozilla Brasil Community in product translation. He is very active and helps the L10n for Brazilian Portuguese in every possible way.

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