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Mary Ellen Muckerman

Brand Strategy & Services


At Mozilla, I'm responsible for brand strategy and services. This means that I work with the Firefox product and Mozilla program teams to craft the stories and experiences we want to share with the people. And I work with the brand engagement content strategy, creative, project management, web development and events teams to bring those stories and experiences to life through all sorts of different campaigns, projects and programs.

Prior to joining Mozilla, I worked for several years in brand consulting, and had the chance to partner with organizations like the Smithsonian, SFMOMA, Google and Target to help identify what makes them unique and relevant to their audiences, and then apply that strategic idea both internally to guide their culture and capabilities, and externally to influence their products, services and communications.

I've also worked for big retailers like Target and McDonald's where I learned that no matter how brilliant you think an idea is, what really matters is how it resonates with your customers, and how well it can come to life on the ground, every day, in real life.

All of these experiences have taught me to build brand and marketing strategies that are aspirational yet achievable, grounded in insights about what people need today and our foresight about what they might need in the future.




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