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Mozillian for 6 years Dec 2014



I started contributing with Mozilla as a Firefox Student Ambassador in 2014 and got inspired on how people collaborate and engage with other people thru Web & Internet.

I am currently a Regional Ambassador Lead helping with Campus Clubs (former FSA program), campaigns, and local community activities.

My goal (for now) is to sustain the activities we have in the local community, coordinate with gov't and other organizations that shared the same vision for the Internet. If you're interested, please get in touch —

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coding, graphic design and video editing, public speaking,, social media, teaching the web, technical support, web content creation, web design


English, Filipino


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Vouched By

  • Faye Tandog

    An active FSA from the Philippines! Leads their Firefox Club in STI Marikina.

  • Joshua Rubin

    FSA Lead from STI-Marikina. Awesome Mozillian as well from the Philippines.

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