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Mozillian for 6 years Feb 2014
Antananarivo, Analamanga, Madagascar
12:20 Indian/Antananarivo
IRC : link

Mariot Tsitoara

Mozilla Rep and Firefox Student Ambassadors RAL


First of His Name, @mozillareps, Firefox Students Ambassador RAL, Core team member of @MozillaAfrica and @MozillaMG, Soldier for @MozAwesome and Marketplace App Reviewer!

Mobile and front-end web developer.

Can plug in an USB drive on the first try!

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army of awesome, mozillian, sumo, open badges, web development, aoa, firefoxos, mozilla africa, firefox student ambassadors, webmaker, mozfr, first followers, techspeakers


angularjs, django, html5, javascript, python


English, French, Malagasy

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Vouched By

  • Théo Chevalier

    Mariot has been key in Firefox OS localization effort by starting Malagasy localization and his commitment to help maintain it. Keep up the good work!

  • Natalia Martinez-Winter

    Mariot has contributed a lot during the launch of Firefox OS in Madagascar, helping with training and demos. He also created a music app for the Marketplace which is now being used by Orange. I'm looking forward to seeing this community grow thanks to Mariot !

  • Kumar Anirudha

    Amazing Contributor to Army of Awesome in French tweets. Would love to see Mariot grow and prosper further more.

    (Mozilla Support)[]


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