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18:38 Canada/Eastern

Maja Frydrychowicz

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ansible, bash, css, django, docker, html, java, javascript, marionette, public speaking, python, teaching, webdriver


English, French, Polish

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Vouched By

  • Syd Polk

    Maja has proven to be a valuable contributor for the Platform QA team. Her work writing tests for playing video clips is oustanding.

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

  • Clint Talbert

    Maja's enthusiasm to jump in and learn Django in order to work on One and Done in addition to learning the ropes of bug triage and to go the extra mile in understanding how we use One and Done and how that related to her changes. The spirit she brings to her work is indomitable and incredible.

  • Stephen Donner

    Through her awesome One and Done contributions, and a few meetings, I've known Maja's work and her Mozilla spirit -- thanks, Maja!

  • Liz Henry

    Maja dove into a QA web project building new features into One and Done in Python and Django along with a small team of developers. Her work has been very useful in in getting new contributors involved with Mozilla QA! Thanks Maja, we appreciate it! Lots of people are using your work every day.

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