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Luiz Tiago Oliveira


Currently work as Software Developer @ Wobo Inc and CTO @ MGR Tech. With 10+ years of experience, he's working on many open-source community stuff and one of the founders of Pernambuco.JS & jQuery Brazil.

Is a specialist in Front-End Engineer (JS, HTML, CSS) with good experience in Mobile Development (iOS, Firefox OS, Android, Web Apps and Hybrid Apps) and Back-end Development (PHP, Ruby on Rails) too.

Other skills: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, YUI, Node.js, JS Tests, NoSQL, Responsive Design, UI, and more things...


coding, css, firefox, html, javascript, mobile, pernambuco, sf-monument, summit2013, web development


css3, html5, javascript, node.js, php, rails, user interface, web design


English, Spanish, Brazilian portuguese


Vouched By

  • Fábio Magnoni

    Web developer and do great work engaging developers and new web technologies, good Mozillian

  • Leonardo Balter

    Worked on many open-source community stuff in the Northeast region of Brazil, including events, and MDN and Firefox OS evangelism.

  • Béria Lima de Rodríguez

    Luiz Tiago organizes workshops and events related with the development of the Firefox OS in Recife, PE.


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