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Haggen So


a Free/Open Source activists, a long time user of Netscape Browser, Mozilla Browser, Firefox Browser and Thunderbird Mail Client. involved with Firefox 3, 4 and 29 Launch Party in Hong Kong. Currently the President of Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association.

Vouched By

  • Fubuki Hoshino

    Haggen is an FOSS activist which works on l10n and zh-HK locate for firefox.

  • Pin-guang (Peter) Chen

    Haggen is a long-term volunteer and speaker in Mozilla Hong Kong and other open-source communities. He also contribute to l10n and other areas of Mozilla's zh-HK locale.

  • Sammy Fung

    Haggen is a active speaker at Mozilla HK community events to share about the Mozilla history and mission. He also contributes at Mozilla HK community.

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