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Jyotsna Gupta

ज्योत्सना गुप्ता

Tech Speaker || Mozilla Rep || Add-ons Content Reviewer


Jyotsna, an Open Source Enthusiast, is working as a Software Developer in Bangalore India. Previously @ TCS. She’s a coder by profession and Shuttler by passion. She is involved with Mozilla India Community since 2015. She began her journey as an FSA and went on to become the Founder & Club Lead of Firefox Club of BBDNIIT in 2015 April.

Previously, she has contributed to Firefox OS App Development, Localisation, QA, and SuMo.

She had served on Mozilla's Featured Add-ons Advisory Board thrice (July 2017- Dec 2017) (Jan 2018 - June 2018), (Jan 2019 - June 2019).

She was also one of the 5 judges on the panel in the Firefox Quantum Extension Challenge, ran globally from March 15, 2018 - April 15, 2018. She is also a Firefox Add-on Mentor and has published a privacy-themed add-on PrivateX. Currently, she is an Add-on Content Reviewer and Mozilla Tech Speaker.

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golang, mongo, redis, webextensions


English, Hindi


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Vouched By

  • Michael Hunter Ellis

    Vouch For being awesome, and for being a Mozilla Tech Speaker!

  • Caitlin Neiman

    Jyotsna is an active and very positive member of the add-ons community! In addition to being an add-on developer and add-on content reviewer, she gives talks about extension development and mentors developers in her regional community. She also served as a member of the judging panel for the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge in April 2018.

  • Scott DeVaney

    One of AMO's most active and resourceful curators of featured content. A two-time member of AMO's Feature Board.

  • Vnisha Srivastav

    Jyotsna has been contributing to Mozilla for the last few months by spreading the Mozilla mission in Uttar Pradesh, and has been among the most active members in the Mozilla community in Uttar Pradesh. She is an active contributor in Webmaker & FirefoxOS. Been helping with all the Mozilla Uttar Pradesh community activities.


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