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Mozillian for 5 years Sep 2015
Bīkaner, Rajasthan, India
00:41 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : jvss1996


Regional Coordinator


Regional Coordinator, Pursuing B.Tech. in 3rd Year Computer Science from Government Engineering College Bikaner, Club Leader of ECB Firefox Club, Army Of Awesome Badge Holder,Contributing in Mozilla Stumbler and OneAndDone

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aoa, android, app development, air mozilla, army of awesome, bugzilla, community, community builders, community engagement, css


,python, .android, .css3 html5 java javascript, angular js, django, linux, mentoring, speaker, teaching


English, Hindi

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Vouched By

  • Osho Parth

    Happy to vouch him for his active contribution in SUMO and MLS Keep up the amazing work :)

  • Lavish Aggarwal

    Vouching due to work in the MLS and SUMO. Happy to vouch him.

  • Unknown Voucher

    Active mozillian with significant contribution to MLS and SUMO. He is doing awesome work being a FSA with 'Trainee' status. Happy to vouch him :)

  • Shagufta Gurmukhdas

    Jaivardhan is an active mozillian and has been very enthusiastic about getting more contributors into Mozilla. He took the initiative of starting a club all by his own and after registering it on the wiki, he has now planned a series of events to conduct under it. He was one of the active contributors in helping people in Army of Awesome and was also awarded the 'Trainee' status for his work. He is also active in MLS and well deserves this vouch for the contributions he has done.

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