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Mozillian for 9 years Nov 2011
United States
05:47 US/Eastern
IRC : jgmac1106

Greg McVerry

Make. Hack. Play. Learn


As a Mozillian I volunteer to help #teachtheweb. I work closely within Mozilla Learning Networks to develop curriculum, support Mozilla Clubs, and test learning products.

I am a club captain learning with the Elm City Web Club in New Haven, CT.

My contribution story


teaching & learning community, communities advisory group - early 2017


instructional design, teaching, user research



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Vouched By

  • Emma Irwin

    Greg is an incredible influence on initiatives in participation to build the skills of Mozillians. He is a valued member, and leader of our participation cohort, and is ever generous with feedback, mad skills, ideas and energy. I am grateful that our community includes Greg.

  • John Bevan

    Greg is a Webmaker/Mozilla Clubs/Mozilla Learning stalwart of long-standing!

    AAA+++ Mozillian, would vouch again ;-)

  • Amira Dhalla

    Greg has been a huge (and amazing!!!) contributor to the Mozilla Learning Networks helping at many stages of our work including testing curriculum, providing feedback and using tools to teach web literacy. He now runs his own Mozilla Club and still actively participates in many aspects of projects. Most definitely a leader and great contributor to our work!

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