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Mozillian for 8 years Aug 2012
03:36 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : riddler

Jithin Shah



A Nerdy Guy Of Kottyam, Code lover


add-ons, boot2gecko, coding, developer tools, mozilla kerala, open badges, people, persona, sf-monument, support, ux, web development, webfwd, evangelism, accessibility


c, css, evangelism, html, javascript, linux system administation, memcache, mysql, node.js, nodejs, open hardware, php, redis, vuejs, web development, webpack


English, Malayalam


Vouched By

  • jsx

    I've known Jithin from his school days through various Mozilla Kerala activities. I've known him most for his association and initiation of a program where volunteers went to schools to teach kids basic computer and programming skills. He's eager to share what he knows and is a great person. He has done commendable work helping with various technical activities of the regional Mozilla community.

  • Abid Aboobaker

    This soul is one of the inspiration. Much passionate about open source and free software. A hacker who won code from his childhood. He was helping volunteers in setting up Moz2School project.Volunteered as mentor at many webmaker events. :)

    Jimbrootan of Mozilla Kerala :p

  • shine

    A hacker who has been coding right from his school days. A student who holds several awards for innovation. He has been a Mozillian and an active contributor to the regional community Mozilla Kerala. He has been a contributot to SuMo (Support Mozilla) and has been on the Army of Awesome for 2-3 months in a continous streak.

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