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Hossain Al Ikram

QA Community Lead, Bangladesh & Regional Ambassador Lead, Bangladesh

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qa, sf-monument, firefox student ambassadors


Bangla, English

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  • Ashkary Rahman

    One of the awesomest big brother I have in Mozilla . Doing awesome work at QA in style :) .

  • Liz Henry

    Hossain has been regularly doing bug triage and helping to organize QA events! He is always willing to help other people with QA and triage in IRC. Thanks Hossain!

  • Parul Mathur

    Active contributor to Mozilla QA, featured in our Contributor Spotlight series.

  • Florin Mezei

    Leads the Bangladesh community, has helped many times with testing, leads bangladesh testing events and contributes regularly to testdays and bugdays (e.g.

  • Andrei Vaida

    One of the most active contributors and founder of the Bangladesh Community, Ikram has been of great help in numerous occasions, most noteworthy being the QA event hosted by himself in Dhaka and the Testdays held by the Desktop QA team.

  • Anthony Hughes

    Hossain has been an extremely motivated supporter and organizer for QA mentorship events. In March he ran a largely successful QA event in Dhaka and more recently has been organizing a very large QA event. These events are hugely important to QA's success and what we do would not be possible without the support of people like Hossain.


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