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Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Romar Mayer Micabalo

Localisation, evangelisation, community-building


I am a prolific community volunteer, and long-time Linux and FOSS advocate/evangelist.

I currently work for a software and web development company as a DevOps Systems Administrator, and Team Lead.

I sit as a board member and community organizer for ITG-X, a Cagayan de Oro - based technology advocacy group. I am the co-organizer/founder of PyTsada, where I actively advocate the Python programming language. I also organized the local Rust Learning Explorers (RUSTLE) group, among others.

I am currently the Regional Coordinator of Mozilla Philippines Community for Northern Mindanao. I am actively involved in Mozilla Localization activities, and actively promotes Mozilla projects specially Firefox within the local community.

I volunteer my time speaking at various events and conferences, among many others.

Vouched By

  • Robert Reyes

    Romar is an active Pinoy Mozillian based in the Mindanao region (southern part of the Philippines). He is an active localizer contributing in the Tagalog (TL) translation efforts of MozillaPH.

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