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I like to study programming languages, especially different languages with different paradigms. So I like Haskell, Erlang and JavaScript as well as C++, Python, Rust and Ruby. Of course I'm not very expert at most of them, maybe except the JavaScript which I used longer than other languages. But I still feel that to study different paradigms is very important to improve my knowledge of computing science, especially as a junior wizard of this domain, to know as much and deep as possible, is always my dream.

To support and spread the open source and free software philosophies is my another dream. As a developer benefited from so many open source and free software, to deprive user and developer's freedom and the principles announced by GPL is almost a crime, especially when these crime got covered by ill laws and greedy companies. However, I know that the legal wars are expensive and I lack necessary knowledge to help those warriors, all I can do is to contribute and create projects released with GPL (the way to defends our freedom I prefer) and other open source licenses.


sf-monument, summit2013-santa-clara


functional programming, gnu linux, javascript, node.js


English, Traditional chinese

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