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Gregory Szorc


I am on the Developer Services team at Mozilla, where it is my job to make it easier for you to do your job. I am also passionate about making people more productive and improving the state of tools.

I am a version control geek. I'm a contributor to Mercurial and hg-git. I have deep knowledge of the internals of both Mercurial and Git.

I have authored a number of Mercurial extensions, most of them relevant to Mozillians.

I have contributed heavily to MozReview, Mozilla's Review Board based code review tool.

I am the Build Config module owner, which means I know a lot about the Firefox build system. I am responsible for files.

I wrote mach, the tool you likely use to develop Firefox.

I wrote the initial Firefox Desktop implementation of Firefox Health Report. I know a bit about data collection.

I have written a lot of Firefox Sync code. I worked at a company doing contact sync before I joined Mozilla. I know a lot about the challenges of syncing.

I am a Toolkit peer.

I am passionate about making it easier for people to get involved developing Firefox.

I take an interest in the build automation for Firefox and some consider me a dotted line member of the Automation and Tools Team (A*Team).

In past lives, I was responsible for writing and deploying high-volume web services at 99.995% availability. I have been around a culture achieving operational excellence and strive for it with every service I deploy.


beer, build system, firefox health report, firefox sync, mach, services, sf-monument, summit2013-brussels, sync


amazon-ec2, git, javascript, lua, mercurial, python, web services




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