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Mozillian for 7 years Sep 2013
Kollam, Kerala, India
14:16 Indian/Chagos
IRC : Gautam

Gautam krishna R

Featured Add-On Board,Webmaker Mentor,FFOS Dev,Bug reporting,l10n


Computer Science graduate with skills ranging from C to Python, with expertise in Server administration. Prize-winning Web designer, Microsoft student partner, DuckDuckGo community leader, Mozilla Add-on Board reviewer with multiple projects on python, Node.js, C++ etc. Personal projects got selected as the trending project of the month by GitHub.

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boot2gecko, mobile, localization, mozilla kerala, mozilla_kerala, mozilla india, firefox student ambassadors


c, c sharp, c sharp .net, c++, css, html5, java, javascript, php, python, ruby, sql, vb, vb .net


English, Hindi, Malayalam


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Vouched By

  • Amy Tsay

    Gautam is an add-on contributor who has participated on the Featured Add-ons Board, a community group that selects add-ons for featuring on

  • Abin Abraham

    Gautam is a very passionate Mozillian who believes it is his personal responsibility to educate people and make them web literate with his education. Gautam had contributed to Fxos, webmaker and localization as well. He is very dedicated in what he does to Mozilla and do it full commitment.

  • Rigin Oommen

    I Know Gautam Krishna R. He is an inquisitive guy who does app development for Firefox OS. He has immensely contributed to the Firefox OS and localization

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