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George Roter

Head of Core Contributors, Participation


Leading Community Infrastructure as part of the Open Innovation team.

The Open Innovation team exists to help product and technology groups make effective use of open methods across all phases of the lifecycle.

Our tactic is to prove internally that open methods work.

Our role is to be a centre of competence for:

  • Shaping strategy for delivering value through open methods
  • Being practitioners of open methods
  • Delivering excellence in engaging external stakeholders

Check out our team's work on the Wiki and please get in touch!

I am massively motivated by three parts of Mozilla:

1) Mission: The internet must remain a global public resource, a platform for open discussion, creativity, and social and economic transformation. This is crucial is humanity is going to have a chance at addressing our biggest challenges.

2) Mozillians and supporters of Mozilla: This community is powerful, and I believe that we have just scraped the surface of the impact that we can have by activating people's energy, time, social networks, economic power and creativity toward our mission.

3) Underdog: I can't help it. I love fighting the good fight and being part of the unlikely victor.

Previously, I spent 14 years building Engineers Without Borders Canada into both an organization and also a movement of thousands of young leaders in Canada and Africa.

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Vouched By

  • Florian Gilcher

    A pleasure to meet and to talk to, knows a lot of things and has an interesting background. Knows about working with organisations.

    I'm sure work with him will be fruitful.

  • Elio Qoshi

    George brings in fresh enthusiasm and concrete plants about Participation into Mozilla, inspiring fellow Mozillians to engage in a more personalized way within Mozilla. I met George for the time in person in Berlin, for Mozilla Weekend 2015, where he was without doubt greatly contributing to the superb atmosphere.

  • Henrik Mitsch

    Amazing facilitator at Paris ReMo Leadership meeting!

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

  • Mark Surman

    George used to be CEO of Engineers Without Borders. I think he has alot to teach Mozilla about participation. He also really wants us to succeed.


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