Mozillian Profile

Frederick Villaluna

tl-localizer, MozRep, Technical Evangelism, Mozilla Clubs, Speaker

Vouched By

  • Tina Verbo

    He has been an active contributor. He helped the Mozilla Philippines Community to organize an event in their town (MozTour in Bacolod City). He is also promoting Firefox OS within their region. Other entries regarding his contribution can be seen in his blog,

  • Robert Reyes

    Awesome Pinoy Mozillian! Able to speak about Firefox and Firefox OS. Helped MozillaPH organize a MozTour in Bacolod City last 21 FEB 2015 -- the very first time a MozTour was held in that region.

  • Kemuel Joseph Domanog

    Frederick is a long time Mozilla contributor, he's a professor in a school and he promotes Firefox OS, Webmaker and other Mozilla tools to his students, he also is the one who made it possible for the Mozilla Philippines Community to visit his town by inviting us. additionally he's in charge of an organization(EPSUG)[1] for more info on him visit Frederick's Blog[2]

    [1] [2]


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