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Bern, Switzerland
20:07 Europe/Zurich
IRC : freaktechnik

Martin Giger

being around, extension dev support, occasional patches


Playing the Euphonium, geeking out about trains, browser extensions, video streaming culture and IRCv3 in Thunderbird by night.


add-ons, sf-monument, switzerland, addons sdk, jetpack, de:community, bern, linux, nightingale, german, speaks:de, beer, instantbird, thunderbird, webextensions, dweb


External Accounts

Vouched By

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch (testing).

  • Michael Kohler

    Martin is a MozillaCH community member who is very involved with the Addon SDK.

  • Antoine Turmel

    Martin is an Add-on SDK/JetPack contributor and helped in the past to promote Mozilla during events like RMLL. He is crafting add-ons for Firefox and master XULRunner/XPCOM technologies thanks to Nightingale.

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